STEM/Family Game Night!!!

What: STEM/Family Game Night!!!
When: May 5th from 5-8 p.m.
Where: Pleasant View Elementary
Food: Bub’s Burgers and The Scoop (for purchase)



Mrs. Compton will have 6 STEM stations throughout the school:

1. Boat Building – Outside
Use the provided materials to build a boat that can hold the most weight and still stay afloat!
2. Paper Airplane Design – LGI Room
Use the provided materials to make a paper airplane that can fly the farthest!
3. Catapult Building – Lower Gym
Design and build a catapult to launch an object the farthest!
4. Scavenger Hunt – Originating in the Library
Receive your first clue – written in computer code – and a stop watch…and GO!
5. Kahoot Game – Adventure Center
Test your STEM knowledge in this game of trivia!
6. Marshmallow Challenge – STEM Room
Using only spaghetti, a marshmallow, tape and string, build the tallest tower with the marshmallow on top!

Earth Explorers Toys will have 3 stations:
1. Games for 4-6 year olds – Upper Café
Hoot Owl Hoot, Spot It Alphabet, Pengoloo, Race to the Treasure, Five Crowns Junior, Feed the Kitty, Zingo
2. Games for 6+ year olds – Upper Café
Rat A Tat Cat, Tenzi, Catan Junior, Spot It, Blink, Wits & Wagers Family, Battle Sheep
3. Games for 8+ year olds – Professional Development Room
Labrynth, Classic Clue, Scramble States of America, Madd Capp Checkers, Sleeping Queens, Sushi Go!, Word A Round
Games will be available for purchase and the PVE PTO will receive a percentage of the sales!

Bub’s Burgers Food Truck will be parked outside the school with food for purchase. The Lower Café will be reserved for dining.

Settle For Less Ugly Burger $7.00
Bub Dog $5.00
Mini Bub $4.00
Bub’s Chicken Sandwich $8.00
Portobello Mushroom Sandwich (vegetarian) $7.50
Individual Bag of Assorted Chips $1.00
Can of Assorted Soda $1.00

The Scoop will be in the house with ice cream for purchase!

In order to do this properly, we need many volunteers. We are asking for each volunteer to work for only ONE hour so we can all enjoy the event with our families. This is a great volunteer opportunity for working parents who aren’t normally able to participate! On-site training will be provided.



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